Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Giveaway – Win a Apple iPad 16Gb Wifi Tablet is giving away free ipad..... hurry and join


  1. The Android Advices team is the best I have come across in terms of the updates for the android family of devices comprising of handsets, tablets, tweaks for devices... the list goes on and on......

    The website give you not only updates on the latest release of android devices and OS in the market but also suggest on how to optimize your phone for best performance and compare various android phone in the market....

    Thats for now.... will be updating more soon...

  2. Round 2:

    Suggestions to AA team:

    1. The interface of website seems to be too cluttered at times, which confuses the new visitors. It would be better if we can have a segregated sections.

    2. Also it would be have a section of new handsets/tablets to be launched in the market and updates in the market.

    3. It would be worthwhile to have some kind of login system to ensure a database for all visitors. It would be a little time consuming but at the end of day would serve in multiple ways.

    More to come in coming days :-)

  3. Round 3:

    More Suggestions for the AA team:

    1. It would make an excellent business proposition to connect with eager visitors to offer freebies through partnership with different OEM/ODM and handsets manufacturers.

    2. More detailed comparisons of other handsets/tablets (Toshiba, Acer, etc) can be used to offer visitors multiple options to choose from

    Will share more soon....

  4. Round 4:

    1. AA team can look for tieups with leading telecom brands to offer special offers/discounts to its loyal customer to increase market presence.

    2. The team can introduce a one time membership fee for the members which would make them eligible to additional benefits like discounts on devices, etc.

    More coming soon....